Springtime – Narcissus Photoshoots (Part One)

Each new season that arrives brings with it a fresh lesson from Mother Nature.

I somehow seem to see an all-too-familiar species of flower in a completely different light – really appreciating its beauty and importance – as if I’m seeing it for the very first time.

It’s a strange, but nevertheless welcome experience – which gives me a great deal of pleasure, as well as many photographic opportunities.

Now is the time for the narcissus to steal my attention – as its many beautiful cultivars seem to radiate ‘quintessential’ Springtime from everywhere around me …



I’ve had miniature Tête á Tête daffodils growing around my pond at Marlborough House for more than 15 years – and have always loved them. Here they are with one of my bantams …



On my February visit to Beth Chatto’s Gardens, I found 3 early-flowering species; Rijnveld’s Early Sensation, Cedric Morris and Narcissus cyclamanieus, with the latter capturing my heart because of its daintiness.



It was my visit to Anglesey Abbey in early March, however, where my fascination really began – when I took the Hoe Fen Trail through the woods amongst a myriad of bluish/green leaves resembling those of onions or leeks. Each stalk had a bud ready to burst through its brown papery sheath – and I found myself fascinated by taking images of these daffodils before they had even come into bloom. From that point on, I was hooked.



The 2017 daffodil season is the most glorious and long-lived that I can ever recall – and I have fallen in love with so many different cultivars.

They have all been wonderful subjects to photograph – so please see more in Part Two …


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