Narcissus Photoshoot – Hillhouse Farm

My third Narcissus Blogpost highlights a beautiful garden that is literally just around the corner from my house in Boxted. 

I am extremely lucky to be able to enjoy this wonderful and rather unique area , which I feel resembles a country park rather than a traditional garden. It hugs the contours of the Hill, as its name suggests and gives wonderful view across the valley towards the other part of the village and St Peter’s Church. There are trees, shrubs and a lawned meadow, a natural pond and an ancient beech grove. And at the moment – a wondrous display of daffodils …

 It gives me a great deal of pleasure all year round, however, being able to have readily available access to my latest plant fascination has been such a great photographic opportunity – and the owner has planted dozens of different cultivars to be enjoyed throughout the whole Spring season.

Poeticus cultivars are amongst my favourites and are late bloomers, along with ‘tazetta’ daffodils, as below -:

This white daffodil has a delicate, exquisite beauty …

This gorgeous double is called ‘Bridal Crown’

There were so many different types to enjoy -:

One of my challenges is to try to name all the different cultivars – so I am hoping that I can enlist some help from the garden owner !

My time spent amongst the daffodils in that beautiful garden – with the golden afternoon sun and deep blue sky – was nearing an end. There was a hint of  mist rising from the valley and the view through the ancient beech trees taking in that wonderful view seems an apt image to conclude my post. 

Whatever the weather holds for tomorrow; I know that this corner of Boxted will be full of Sunshine …

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