Snake’s head Fritillaries

Fritillaria meleagris is one of my favourite all-time plants. 

I think it’s because the Snake’s head Fritillary is essentially a rare wildflower of damp meadows and holds that same romantic fascination for me as orchids – although it has become more common in garden centres over the past few years. I have some gorgeous specimens in my back garden, which seem to thrive without the damp conditions.

I always look forward to the arrival of the fritillaries at East Bergholt Place (Place for Plants), as to me it seems the same as viewing them in the wild. They grow in a damp and sloped meadow area – in a random, wild fashion – and are as far away from a border plant as you could get. The individual nodding, chequered flower heads all seem to have their own distinct character and I adore photographing them. Here are my favourites from the first blooms of this Spring …


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