Me & My Plants


Wild Carrot Photography evolved from my passion for plants and gardening that began at an early age – when my parents gave me a 3 ft square patch of garden to plant vegetable seeds (carrots and radishes mostly I seem to recall !).  It was in a shady spot beside our garage, so it wasn’t long before I was asking for a sunny stretch to sow some flower seeds.

My mother suggested some ‘Love in a Mist’ – Nigella damascena ‘Miss Jeykyll’, which were simple to grow in our sunny border and produced such a long period of interest with their amazing seed heads and soft spiky leaves. Blue Cornflowers were my other success – and these 2 annuals instilled in me my love of cottage gardens flowers.

Years passed by, as did gardens – including the gardens at my present house – Marlborough House, where I moved in 1995. The latter were ‘given over’ to Evergreens and Fruit & Vegetable production until the Summer of 2012, when I finally had the freedom of choice to bring flowers back into my life for good. I was able to introduce colour and impact to a garden that had previously been immensely practical, whilst lacking any emotion or vibrancy.

I had a few special plants on my initial ‘wish list’ that I had coveted for years and I believe it was my Agapanthus tubs that were the first to be established in my south-facing front garden. Columbines and Alliums, Astrantias and Kafir Lillies were all incorporated – and my garden at home is now transformed into a haven where I can be surrounded by beauty and colour …

My desire to photograph Flora in its myriad forms has always been within me – and I had already started to build up a catalogue from places such as Sissinghurst and Open Garden events in local villages. It was only at the start of 2015 that I started to take a more professional approach to the images that I captured – as I wanted that exquisite beauty to be something to which I could add my own creativity and inspiration.

This push came from my admiration of the images taken by my neighbour and good friend, Lisa Scott – who has a beautiful cottage garden and a love of plants with an understated, almost wild and wispy beauty. I am not ashamed to say that her plant choices have influenced the ones in my own garden – and my love of close-up flower photography has come from a desire to emulate her wonderful images.

The year 2015 heralded a concentrated ‘focus’ on focussing methods and depth of field training – through a great deal of practice and Internet research – along with a desire to introduce my own style. Local gardens at East Bergholt ( Place for Plants), Marks Hall and Otley Hall provided me with a wonderful opportunity to practise, as well as the set-aside fields close to my village home. The tropical gardens of Cornwall and the delights of historic gardens such as Sissinghurst and Anglesey Abbey also inspired and enthralled me …

With my journey well underway and many more garden visits planned for Summer 2016, I believed that a dedicated website was the only way forward – to catalogue and display all the images that make me smile and remind me that ( whatever else seems to have taken a downward turn) flowers will always be on hand to bloom according to Nature’s amazing  plan and provide an extremely beautiful backdrop to my world …

Helenium  'Moerheim Beauty'
Helenium ‘Moerheim Beauty’